'Am I skater yet?'


Well hello there beautiful people, Its been awhile and am I happy to be back! Exams are over life is good, my absence aside though today I decided to ask the age old question 'Am I skater yet?' because lets face it I'm sure there's a deep, buried, yearning in everyone of us, to be if not a lot just a little skater! If you've never felt this deep longing then this post might just change it all for you! The skater boy/girl is is a late-teen sub culture that has reigned amongst us in our relative colleges universities and schools for many years now. They're the we don't care kids, too cool to ride bikes or walk so they ride around on painted boards of wood with 4 wheels attached, très Chic? The skater girl is the kind who'd wake up 10 minutes before she has to leave, throw her hair up, grab a tee and skinnies then be out the door without the frivolous unnecessity's of make up or hair products thus I naturally want to be them! 
So here at it, my attempt at being a skater girl! What do you think Am I skater yet? Although the fact that I actually took me 30 minutes to come up with this outfit undoubtedly defies the whole purpose of being skater because in that time the skater girl would have already arrived at her destination but I gave it a shot! And I didn't end up wearing trainers because on first inspection of my look my sister retorted 'Pleasee don't wear those trainer cus' you will look like a genuine tramp' I mean call me a pansy but lets just say I took the trainers off.

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  1. Yaaay glad to see you're back & I hope your exams went well for you!!
    Love this look and I'm totally obsessed with that jumper!! xoxo

    ♡Kudzai || NEWKIDBLOGS

  2. Cute outfit, love the jumper x

  3. Hello there, would you mind checking my blog out? I'm quite new to this.
    Thank you!
    PS. I like your blog :-)

  4. Thanks forthe comment , i love this outfit and your blog xxx

  5. You look awesome girl! I just adore your style x


  6. Nice jeans! I like the rips!

    xo T.

  7. I love this outfit! Your jeans especially, they're really cool-looking :) x



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