OhSo London

So last weekend I took a trip down to  the beautiful fashion capitol that is London and what else was I gonna wear other than my highwasted vintage jeans and tweed blazer I think someone seriously needs to take them and hide them from me because I'm not actually sure its ok to get so attached to a piece of clothing aha, underneath the blazer I wore my plain white shirt & New look collar necklace and over the blazer I wore a Zara fur scarf which I think combined with the blazer exudes the aura of a 1920's pimp what do you think? is pimp chic in? Aha on my wrist is my Casio ofcourse what else and on my feet are my Nike trainers to add an element of casj to the look.
As we aimlessly strolled through the pretty streets of Central London we only just happened to come across the Beautiful Central Saint Martins Building with an array of super fashionable people flocking around as you'd expect. I mean talk about fate how often do people whilst wandering with no true point of destination just happen to come across their dream University. Yes I'm 15 years old and allready know I will be attending The University of Arts London, in approximately 2 years and 4 months -God willing ofcourse aha well  they do say the early bird catches the worm right.  Below are the picture of the rusticly chic building which was quite gorgeous,although I wish I could've stole some streestyle snaps of the amazingly dressed guys and gals who actually attended the university ah well there's always next time.
Hope you all have an OhsoWonderfulWeekend and today was my last day of school woo! xox


  1. Last day of school?!! omg i have one month before me:(( and your highwasted jeans are amazing!!

  2. love the blazer!! xxx


  3. so effortless but so amazing!! love for you to check out my blog!! http://bornwithstyleandsense.blogspot.co.uk/

  4. wow- i love everything about this outfit! so beautiful - especially the jacket and the hat! you look great!

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  5. wow beautiful outfit!!


  6. I love this look!!

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  7. really cool outfit, love your jacket, it's amazing!
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  8. ah london is the place to be. love your outfit! cute jacket and your shoes are cool too :)ahh ual would be my dream xx

  9. yey for last days of school!
    and good luck with your uni dreams, work hard and you will get there..
    i sound well old!

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  10. I love the scarf with the jacket - at first glance I thought that it was part of it. Looks great together!
    Aha, wish I had my life that well planned! Hope you make it happen girlie!


  11. I'm loving the blazer with the fur scarf girl, it's just too cute! I love your style! And thank you soo much for commenting on my blog and following me:D


  12. I love your jacket. Gorgeous outfit x


  13. Great outfit
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  14. Sweet, casual outfit :) Like it! xoxo :*


  15. Thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog! :)
    I love this outfit and I'm a new follower!



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